To plant a garden today, is to believe in tomorrow

Our testimonial:

In our lifetime, we spend more time at work and build our career than we spend at home. We consider it our mission to provide you with a positive experience in defining your career, with a thematic structure to help you determine your next career steps, and to help you see your competencies and areas of development aligned.
We have many years of human resources experience in corporate and service area with a fresh approach. Our most important business philosophy is to establish a personal relationship with our partners, clients and candidates in order to fully understand their needs and motivations. We expand our knowledge with permanent market research, information gathering, recent and current labour market analysis, phone calls, F2F conversations along with a good coffee or tea to be able to successfully complete our projects.
We believe that it is not the job to be filled, but the integration of perfectly matching puzzle pieces into our own career paths and corporate teams.

The foundation of our success:

  • Combining Business Career Coaching with the Advisory Approach
  • Consultancy based on real, up-to-date market data and years of experience
  • Person-centred approach to designing our services
  • Fair remuneration without surprises
  • Customized, unique solutions

We will contribute to your success if

  • You are looking for a new challenge in your career
  • You are stuck in planning your career
  • You are curious about new labour market trends
  • You are looking for Business Career Coaching
  • You need to rethink or develop your HR strategy
  • Outplacement, Assessment Center szolgáltatás esetén
  • You are looking for a team player that fits your corporate culture
  • You are looking for a partnership, trust relationship with your HR consultant who will provide you with continuous information, feedback, market data